Touch Screen Linux Computers

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Touch Screen Linux Computers

These are kiosk-style computers available for use by projects. Currently, the CNC Router project is using one


  • Resistive touch screen - Semtech
  • 1.4 GHz Pentium M x86 CPU
  • 500 MB Memory
  • 40 GB Hard disk


Runs Debian GNU/Linux

Touch Screen

To make the touchscreen work properly:

  1. Download the semtech touchscreen driver for linux (google for the latest version, it is made by some random person)
  2. (optional, matches the CNC router machine setup) In semtech.c change the first two instances of BTN_TOUCH to BTN_LEFT. (instead of this, build and install evtouch)
  3. Build the driver (make sure all of it's dependencies are also installed)[
  4. Install the driver (sudo su then make modules_install)
  5. Run depmod (this tells the kernel what hardware the new driver supports)
  6. Add two lines to /etc/rc.local: (this is because semtech by istelf will not initialize the touchscreen, so let psmouse load, then unload it)
    modprove -r psmouse
    modprobe semtech
  7. Calibrate the touchscreen! use ts_calibrate from the CNC router machine, or find another way to do it.
  8. Add the calibration to /etc/X11/xorg.conf