Table Saw

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Table Saw

The table saw is used for cutting sheet goods or other materials, usually by sliding the material along the table saw's fence or by using a miter gauge or other jig that slides in the table's miter slot.

Basic Info

  • Ownership: Chris Williams
  • Location: PaxSpace wood shop

Manufacturer Information

  • Make/Model: Jet
  • Part Number: JWTS-10


JWTS-10 Manual


Members must complete safety training with the Quartermaster before using the table saw or any other shop tools.

The table saw is a versatile piece of equipment that basic PaxSpace safety training may not fully cover. If you are not familiar with performing a certain task on the table saw or do not feel comfortable using it, please seek help from the Quartermaster or another knowledgeable member.


You can write the instructions here.

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