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PaxSpace currently offers these spaces.

They are available to use by membership if the member receives training/approval from either a:

  1. Committee
  2. Member of the Board


PaxSpace is always trying to expand.

The equipment available in the space is funded directly from donations (both items and cash) and membership dues.

Membership will be listened to as to what spaces are most important to them, current or new.

This organization's Revenue will be spent on equipment, projects and spaces that are most beneficial to the community.

Proposed Spaces

Here are a few guidelines for submission of a new Space for PaxSpace:

  • Create a new page for your proposed space.
    • Place this Category:Proposed Spaces on your new page by adding [[Category:Proposed Spaces]] to the bottom of your page
    • Provide as much information as you can
      • Purpose
      • Equipment already obtained
      • Equipment needed
      • Consumables List and Expenses
      • Interested Membership
  • Get a discussion going on that page's Talk Page to discuss it's uses
    • Possible Projects (with links to a Proposed Projects page)
    • Membership Draw
    • Industry Sponsorships
    • etc...
  • Be prepared to contribute your time (at least initially) to getting the Space up and running
  • Talk to a Member of the Board