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  This equipment is in need of repair: YES

Repairs done to date

  • Tubes wire brushed to remove rust
  • Tubes waxed with paste wax to prevent re-rusting
  • Geared parts, and slide locks were lubricated with lithium grease
  • Heastock shaft was oiled
  • Dead center in the tailstock was replaced with a live center
  • Replaced broken tie link

Repairs left to do

  • Pulleys are rusted on to the motor/headstock drives. Need to loosen the pulleys and reposition, as the top pulley is rubbing against the headstock casting

Need a suitable table

  • Base of lathe to midline of spindle is 19 inches
  • At its current height, you would need to be a hobbit to use the machine comfortably
  • Estimate of comfortable working height is roughly 46 inches (need input), which means that tabletop must be ~25 inches from the ground
  • Table must be HEAVY and stable; would suggest using the laminated tabletops in storage in the shop
  • Due to a protruding start capacitor on the motor, either a slot would have to be cut into the table, or the two "feet" of the lathe placed on 1-2 inch high platforms to provide clearance.
  • There is currently an adjustable table in the rear of the shop (which will go to ~27 inches). Issue is that the table is held together with very small butt welds; would need to add bolts to add rigidity, and replace the cross braces. Or you could build a custom table

The Shopsmith 10-ER is a multi-tool sold by Magna Engineering in the 50's and 60s. It was designed to be used as a lathe, drill press, table saw, horizontal boring machine, scroll saw, although this unit is configured only to work as a lathe

Basic Info

  • Ownership: Donation
  • Location: PAXspace - it's kinda too big to miss

Manufacturer Information

  • Make/Model: Shopsmith 10-ER
  • Part Number:


User Manual




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Other References

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Cleaning sawdust off the tubes, re-waxing (paste wax stored under the machine)

Things that Need to be Done

  • Would like to add a 1-18 tpi adapter so that faceplate turning could be done. Currently only usable for spindle turning
  • Speed changer (roughly 100 bucks) so that you don't have to lift the motor to change speeds.
  • Buy a set of high speed tools
  • Get a grinder with AlOx wheels for tool sharpening (important)


  • TBD