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Important Information

This page is here as a reference only.

In order to be able to use the shop, the Quartermaster or a member of his committee must give you a safety training session before anyone is able to use the tools in the workshop.

Reading this page does not replace receiving training!

Basic Shop Safety

Personal Protection Equipment

  • Safety Eye Glasses must be worn in the shop when power tools are being utilized
    • Safety glasses are available for temporary use (on the back wall) but suggest you bring your own
  • Hearing protection is recommended
    • Earbuds are available on the back wall


  • Do not wear open toed shoes while operating machinery
  • Wear shoes that can successfully grip the concrete floor (i.e. no slick bottom loafers)

General Safety

Specific Tool Safety


Drill Press

Radial Arm Saw

Router Table

Band Saw

Table Saw