RFID Key Access

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This projects status will be kept up to date at the following forum post. This wiki page will mainly be used as a place to upload pictures!

Link to Version 2!

Who is involved

  • Paul Di Biase

Project Details

Creating an access system to the Space that dynamically updates the access list from our online system.

This system will be built up to start off with RFID access, then moving to 2 part authentication with the requirement of entering in your PIN.

This will mainly utilize our Electronics and Computer Spaces.

Equipment Utilized

Required Technical Skills


  • Soldering Through-hole parts
    • Moving to PCB fabrication after producing a working unit
  • Using a Raspberry Pi
    • Setting one up
    • Linux Configuration Management
  • Using an Arduino (if necessary)
    • To interface with the keypad


  • Software
    • Python
      • For periodically web scraping our membership list
      • Accessing the GPIO pins
        • Reading RFID interface
        • Reading Arduino
        • Reading the keypad
        • Triggering the electronic lock
    • Web interface (Django/Tastypie/Backbone.js?)
      • To allow easy administration for adding/modifying/removing authentication specifics
    • Git CM on GitHub
      • So that membership may improve on the system if desired


20131031-2350 kicadProgress.png