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A thickness planer is designed to remove uniform thicknesses of wood, generally in multiple passes. The planer has two feed rollers with a spinning blade in between.

Basic Info

  • Ownership: Mike Cooper
  • Location: Next to the CNC router

Manufacturer Information

  • Make/Model: Porter Cable PC305TP
  • Part Number:


User Manual


Safety training is required before use.


Do not try to plane anything shorter than 12 inches

Other References

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Document any normal maintenance that must be performed on this equipment.

Things that Need to be Done

  1. Need to build an anti-snipe table
    • Video Instructions
    • Would create a larger footprint than it currently has, but would make it usable
    • Other option would be to assume that the last 4-5 inches of your stock is going to be trash
  2. Also needs a Dust Collector connection; currently spits the dust out of the back


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