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This page is a work in progress.

This page is to serve as a central location for laser cutter safety, material use, and setup.

Laser Cutter Safety

Laser cutters can be extremely dangerous if not used correctly. Never operate the laser cutters at PaxSpace without the required training. In order to mitigate risk of injury to people or damage to the machine, the following shall be followed. Failure to do so will permanently ban you from using the laser cutter.

  2. ALWAYS the laser exhaust when cutting anything other than paper.
  3. ALWAYS use the air assist. If required, tape your material down with masking tape.
  4. NEVER try to operate the laser with the machine lids open.
  5. NEVER cut or engrave unapproved, found, "discount", or unmarked materials.
  6. DO NOT attempt to defeat the safety mechanisms or alter the machine.
  7. DO NOT adjust, touch, or attempt to clean the optics yourself.
  8. DO NOT attempt to engrave yourself or others.
  9. ALWAYS clean fallen materials out of the machine after cuts.
  10. Keep all liquids and food away from the machine at all times.