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Project page for anyone who wants to collaborate on a geocache for PaxSpace .

Goal: Build and maintain a geocache for PaxSpace as a way to market our makerspace to potential new members.

Desired Features

  • Easy to find, located near the front door to PaxSpace.
  • Make the cache itself at PaxSpace using tools/materials at PaxSpace.
  • Showcase things you can make at PaxSpace in the cache as the trade swag.
  • When geocachers sign logbook, ask if they would like to be contacted about membership via email
  • Keep flyers in the cache for non-members to take and consider joining.
  • 'First Time Finder" award could be one free month membership to PaxSpace
  • Make the theme 'maker' related -- e.g. swag you trade should be something you made yourself


  • Need to notify local businesses of cache? Increase foot traffic in area could be seen as good or bad.
  • Long term maintenance

Name for the PaxSpace Geocache

  • The PaxSpace Geocache
  •  ???

Cache Design / Construction

  • Perhaps make it look like a somewhat 'normal appendage' of the building itself.
  • Aiming for a 'Regular' sized cache - per guidelines
  • Simple puzzle to get into cache? Info

  • Have reserved geocache #GC5AH5K
  • Cache size: Regular
  • Description:
  • Hints: