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Current Membership

This table is maintained by the individual members.

To add your name to this list, you must have an account on the wiki, separate from the main website account.

To create a wiki account, click "create account" in the upper right of the window.

An administrator will approve your account as soon as possible. If that takes too long, email a member of the board and you'll be approved as soon as possible (this helps to eliminate spam)

It might not directly correspond to our exact membership but is a place to allow members to customize their own information.

Name Photo Contact Info Areas of Interest Areas of Expertise
Jim Shelton MicroControllers, Metal Working, Robotics, Drones Programming, MicroControllers, Printed Circuit Boards
Nick Clark software, learning more about hardware, software, doing a couple kickstarters, did i mention software? project design and brainstorming, software, geospatial/geoint
Dan Logan Electronics, Software, Embedded Systems, Robotics Electronics, Software, Embedded Systems, Robotics, Android, Arduino, Raspberry Pi
Paul Di Biase too many... Software, Wood, Metal, Computer Admin/Fixing, 3d CADing
Josh Allen josh -at- allensw -dot- com Electronics, Programming, Microprocessors, Robotics Software, Linux, C , C++, Perl, C#, Php
Tim Serge CSE/EE in training, SMD PCB, 3D printing, SolidWorks, machining, STEM outreach, educational toy design Machining (decent enough at least), soldering,

"making it work", idea generation, photo & video

Mike Parks Electronics Haven't figured that out yet
Bill Jago Electronics, Embedded Systems, Woodworking, CNC Router, 3D Printing, Home Automation, A/V Electronics, Networking, Linux, A/V systems, Home Improvements
James Waltz Electronics, Software, Woodworking, 3D Printing, Flight Simulation Software Development (Microsoft.Net, SQL Server, Adobe Flex, Android)
Chris Williams Electronics, Microcontrollers, 3D Printing, Programming Woodworking
Ryan Blackwood Electronics, Microcontrollers, RC Aircraft, 3D Printing, Home Automation RC Aircraft, 3D Printing, Woodworking, Property Renovation & Management
Steven Hess The more the merrier! Expertise???? Woodworking and Turning, Machining (Lathe and Mill), Welding (Stick, MIG, some TIG), 3D Printing and Building, CAD/CAM, Learning LINUX, Ignoring Windows, RC Planes, Helicopters, Quadcopters, Model Rockets, Farming/Gardening, Fixing things that are broke, Breaking things that aren't.
Marshall Jones Woodworking, Metalworking, Casting, 3D Printing, CAD/CAM, everything else.... Woodturning, Electromechanical Repair (Computers, etc.)
Stephen Cherry Woddworking, 3D printing, CAD, small computer systems, programming, some woodworking skills, some computer / networking skills.
Jay Friess Time lapse photography, Java programming, networking, model rocketry, 3D printing, app development, brewing, kayaking Photography, media production, document production, writing
Rei McCauley 3D printing, MicroController Programming and Electronics, Wood Working, Machining, Sheet Metal Forming, Space Exploration, RC Aircraft and Boats Machining, Composites, 3D modeling, and general fabrication