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The PaxSpace wiki is to used for creating and documenting information that is always in a state of constant change and requires frequent updates.
The wiki is open to the public for viewing.

About PaxSpace

PaxSpace Inc. is a 501(c)(3) non-profit, member-operated Makerspace, where people can meet to collaborate and work on projects. Our purpose is to create a sharing environment that provides education and scientific awareness to Southern Maryland.

We offer workspaces and storage for use by members to pursue projects related to art and technology. Member projects may include electronics assembly, soldering, wood working, and computer programming. PaxSpace aims to bring back the American spirit of ingenuity by building a community of makers instead of just consumers. We hope to inspire lifelong learning and innovation, while also strengthening our local community.

44180 Airport View Dr. #7
Hollywood, MD 20636

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