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PaxSpace Laser Cutter Proposal

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PDF Format: Laser Cutter Proposal (PDF)


Laser cutting is a fast and effective method for creating prototypes out of acrylic, wood, fabric, and many other materials. Laser cutters can be thought of as plotters that cut instead of drawing; they can "print" any 2D file within minutes. They can connect directly to any standard PC or Mac. Though laser cutters can cut only flat materials, cut parts can be layered or assembled with slots to generate functional, structural 3D models. Lasers cut sharp and accurate edges that require no sanding or cleaning. The power and ease of use of laser cutters has resulted in their regular and popular use at many Makerspaces throughout the world. Laser cutters are very versatile machines that are capable of cutting laminated plastic, acrylic, wood, vinyl, paper, and fabric up to 1/4" thick. They can also engrave laminated plastic, acrylic, coated metal, wood, glass, stone, leather, and rubber.

Use and Sponsor Promotion

A laser cutter versatile capability will enable its use in many members, entrepreneur prototypes and PaxSpace projects that are used to the benefit of community activities and organizations. By funding the purchase of this valuable equipment, a sponsoring corporation shall receive the following promotional accolades:

  • Tier 1 Sponsor status on the PaxSpace web site landing page.
  • Sponsor acknowledgement on all (if possible) PaxSpace press releases.
  • Company logo shall be affixed to all (if possible) projects that are developed for the benefit of community activities and organizations.
  • Prominently displayed company logo in the PaxSpace work area for members and visitors to see.
  • Laser engraved sponsor sign with company logo located on the laser cutter.


PaxSpace is looking for a medium sized laser cutter with a cutting area approximately 18-24” x 12-18” cutting area with a possible material thickness of 12”. Higher power lasers allow thicker cutting and deeper engraving of a variety of materials but also counter intuitively have a longer life. A 40 watt laser may last 2000-3000 hours, while a 90 watt laser can have lifetime measuring 10,000 hours. While the initial cost is higher, the higher power laser is a better value and more capable. Laser cutters also require some support equipment including a water chiller to keep the laser cool and a fume extracting system to remove the smoke & fumes as a result of the cutting for some materials.  

Purchase Options

PaxSpace has priced out two systems for comparison that have been used at many Makerspaces successfully.

Full Spectrum Professional Series CO2 Laser with Retina Engrave 3D Ethernet, $10,000

Epilog Legend Mini 18 Laser Cutter, $11,000

Full Spectrum C02 45W 5th Generation Hobby Laser, $4,100

  • 20”x12”x12” Cutting & Engraving volume (Removable Floor)
  • 45 watt laser upgrade (from 40W), 8,000 hour life
  • 2.5” & 5” Laser focus lenses for fine engraving and thicker cutting
  • Venting ducts and fans
  • Details and specs: