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The jointer is used to flatten one face of a board, and to create a perpendicular face on an adjacent face of the board.

Basic Info

  • Ownership: Bill Jago
  • Location: PaxSpace wood shop

Manufacturer Information

  • Make/Model: Powermatic
  • Part Number: Model 60


Jointer Manual


Members must complete safety training with the Quartermaster before using the jointer or any other shop tools.

If you are not familiar with performing a certain task on the jointer or do not feel comfortable using it, please seek help from the Quartermaster or another knowledgeable member.


The most common user adjustment is adjusting the infeed table height to change the depth of cut.

File:Jointer adjustement.jpg

1. Loosen the hand screw on the infeed table side (Red circle) 2. Use the hand crank (Blue circle) to adjust the depth of cut (shown on the gauge in the Green circle). I'd probably keep at at 1/16" or so max for jointing the face of a board and up to an 1/8" or so for edge jointing. 3. Tighten the hand screw (Red circle) to lock the table in place 4. Make your cuts.

Please talk to the Quartermaster before touching any of the other adjustment screws on the jointer.

Other References


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Things that Need to be Done

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