James Waltz

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About me

Name: James Waltz
Occupation: Software Developer
Academic Background: Currently studying Computer Science at CSM (almost done!)
Contact: jimmythechimp@gmail.com

Maker Interests

  • Electronics (still just learning to walk)
    • Microcontrollers (PIC, Teensy)
  • Software (lots of experience)
    • .Net (done a ton of .Net devlopment for work)
    • Web Development
    • Android
  • Woodworking (haven't even started to learn, but now that I've got equipment available...)

Other Interests (inspiration for future projects)

  • Flight Simulation
    • This got me into electronics in the first place (I've a long term goal of building a full-cockpit sim)
  • Unicycling (mostly Muni) and bicycling
  • Music
    • I play trombone and a bit of piano
  • PC Gaming

Current Projects

  • Flight Sim Radio Stack using a Teensy 2.0++
  • PVC extended joystick for use as a helicopter cyclic

Potential Future Projects

  • DIY head tracking using accelerometer and magnetometer
  • Unicycle maintenance stand (will likely consist of a spare seat post affixed to a wooden base)
  • More advanced helicopter cyclic using higher resolution sensors
  • PVC collective