Dust Collection System

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Photo Needed

  • Dust collection is needed to keep wood dust in the shop to healthy levels
  • To this end, a portable dust collector and a more permanent stationary dust collector have been purchased / donated

Basic Info

  • Ownership: Bill Jago
  • Location: PaxSpace Wood Shop

Manufacturer Information

  • Make/Model: Harbor Freight
  • Part Number: item#97869


Harbor Freight 2HP Dust Collector Manual


USE the dust collectors


Other References



Things that Need to be Done

  • Ducting System
    • Need schedule 40 PVC ducting, elbows, wyes, blast gates, straps for the wall to build the system
    • Need to design the ducting runs
    • Would suggest stationary runs for the large machines, and a few runs using Rockler DustRight Expandble Hose (http://www.rockler.com/dust-rightreg-expandable-hose-expandable-hose), and maybe a floor sweep
    • Need to add some grounding to minimize static (have a few ideas)
    • Have procured a solid state relay and momentary microswitches to automate the system, which would turn on the dust collector when a blast gate is opened
      • Just need wire and a 3-32 volt DC power supply that can supply 30mA over a 30-40 run.

  • Portable Dust Collector
    • The portable unit's seal between the chip deflector and the trash can is leaking and needs to be replaced with closed cell foam (there is almost no suction)


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