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PaxSpace has been given the opportunity to move to bigger and better space across the street in Bay 8. The space will cost about $200 more a month due to the increased floor space, but Bay 8 includes a already built 624 ft^2 mezzanine space that is included in the price. The mezzanine also provides a pre-built roof for our classroom space. We should be moving into the space in Mid-March. Here is a list of the improvements for Bay 8.

  • More SPACE.
    • 250 ft^2 more on the base floor
    • 620 ft^2 in the mezzanine.
    • 900 ft^2 more than our current space of 1750 ft^2.
  • Enclosed space for electronics/3D printers and offices
  • Larger classroom with a ceiling and sound proofing from the shop area.
  • Front and Rear access to the space.
  • Class room will be nice enough to rent out for additional revenue.
  • Water spicket near the garage door.
  • Already plumbed for compressed air.


  • Need to build stairs to access the mezzanine.
    • Current access is from another bay in through a doorway in the wall.
  • Need to build the wall for the classroom and beautify the ceiling in some way
    • The ceiling is engineered joists on 12" centers
  • We need to organize the new space so that it stays neater than the current space.
  • Increase our access system to 2 possibly 3 doors.

Tasks To Do

Need to complete by 3/31/15
Task Description POC Notes
Move Metrocast ISP connection to Bay 8
Move SMECO to Bay 8
Move Insurance Policy to Bay 8 2/4/2015 Nick C. $67 increase in the Annual premium
Front Door Access control Paul D.
Clear out any remaining material from Bay 8 shop
Sweep out Bay 8
Insulate and drywall old doorway on mezzanine
Finish hanging drywall
Cut out drywall section at the top of the "hallway" wall directly in front of the sink to give clearance for the sprinkler
Install corner beads
Tape + mud drywall
Hang closet doors
Finish nailing the classroom-side door jamb/trim on the 36" door to the shop
Install stairs when they are delivered
Install flooring on the mezzanine platform
Continue sorting/packing electronics shop from Bay 13
Pack up all of the small tools/accessories from the Bay 13 wood shop
Dispose of all the trash/unwanted items
Start selectively moving/unpacking/organizing electronics items into the Bay 8 electronics lab
Disassemble the rest of the Bay 13 classroom wall (to reuse the studs for workbenches in the new shop)
Move couches, tables, chairs, etc. into the new classroom (cover until drywall/paint is done
Set up pallet racks for storage in the new shop
Move member storage to the new pallet racks
Move large tools from the Bay 13 shop to the Bay 8 shop
Need to complete by 4/11/15
Task Description POC Notes
Box out an extension to the HVAC return so that we can move the return register to the classroom wall
Finish coats of drywall mud, sand In progress
Paint classroom walls Nick C.
Hang pictures
Install cove base
Build sheet goods storage
Build long tool bench
Finish setting up shop tools
Finish organizing the electronics lab
Finish setting up the new classroom (projector, white boards, etc) Nick C.
Rear Door Access control Paul D.
Shop Door access control Paul D.
Unpack or discard of remaining packed up items

Materials Needed

Item Quantity Needed Notes
5 Gal bucket of drywall mud 1
floor tiles for classroom  ?? Need Mike C. to contact Austin
adhesive (or whatever?) for classroom floor tiles  ??
Cove base trim ~42 ft check to see if there is any existing that we can use