20190312 - BoD Meeting

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Time, Location

6:30PM, PaxSpace

Prior Minutes


Board Members Present

  • Michael Cooper - President
  • Nick Clark - Vice President
  • Paul Di Biase - Quartermaster
  • Bill Jago - Secretary
  • Dan Janzen - Board Member
  • Elizabeth Lynch - Treasurer
  • Josh Allen - Board Member

We have a quorum (4 or more present).

Meeting Discussions


  • Member count: 47 (+6)
  • Funds balance: $15,467
  • Taxes - Still need to be completed
  • Nick motions to make referral bonus. Mike seconds. Vote is unanimous 6 aye, 0 nay
    • 50% off 1 month for new member, $25 gift card to the referrer

PO Box

  • PO Box needs to be renewed
  • Action to Elizabeth


  • Push some guidance out to members

Open House

  • Discuss setting up a cleanup night + member meeting night before
  • Nick to send out info
  • Recommend not doing anything to create mess or smell the day or two before


  • Mill
    • Recommend making a proposal for modifications, may put PaxSpace funds toward some materials
  • Paint Booth
  • Sanders
    • Plan to get rid of old Craftsman belt/disk sander
    • New sander had bearings replaced?
  • Table Saw
    • Mike to look into new push button breaker
  • Laser


  • Nick needs to do plugin to pull old site over


  • SMIT Meetup Thursday night in Calvert
  • Mike looking for assistance
  • Looking for corporate sponsors
  • Speed Round in mid April
  • Mike to send Bill info for Facebook posts

Summary of Board Votes

Motion Aye Nay Result
Set up a referral discount code 6 0 YES

Action Item List

Action Assigned to

Next Meeting

We will hold the next BoD meeting on April 9th, 2019.