20181113 - BoD Meeting

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Time, Location

6:30PM, PaxSpace

Prior Minutes


Board Members Present

  • Michael Cooper - President
  • Nick Clark - Vice President
  • Paul Di Biase - Quartermaster
  • Bill Jago - Secretary
  • Dan Janzen - Board Member
  • Elizabeth Lynch - Treasurer
  • Ray Fleming - Board Member

We have a quorum (4 or more present).

Meeting Discussions


  • 42 (+1)
  • $17k and change account balance
  • Insurance bill paid via online bill pay


  • Paul ready to copy website copy over to AWS instance.



  • Laser parts on order
  • Network
    • Temporary router in place of firewall
    • Paul will donate a new Ubiquiti router


  • Open House Hot Wash
    • 8 sign-in visitors
    • 2 new members
    • Feedback- too many people in the lobby
  • No other upcoming events

Maker Conference on Oct 20th

  • More schools represented than we expected
  • Most others have differentiated levels for business hours/keyholders/etc.
  • Some have discount tiers for volunteer time or similar
  • Group discussed community outreach efforts and helpfulness for grant applications
  • Google grant has a program for adwords
  • Set aside funds from classes and workshops earmarked to upkeep of that equipment
  • NovaLabs maker faire, we could have a booth if we want
  • Policy varied for how spaces charge for consumables/bits/etc.

Crab Pot transition plan

  • Mike to provide to-do list for Crab Pot activities

BoD Meetings

  • Propose to have a shortened BoD meeting to cover some predefined updates
  • Use remainder of meetings as working groups to accomplish tasks

Stuff to sell

  • Security cage ($200)
  • Shopsmith Lathe ($100)
  • Eye wash station
  • Excess computers

Action Item List

Action Assigned to

Next Meeting

We will hold the next BoD meeting on Dec 11th, 2018.