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Time, Location

6:30PM, PaxSpace

Prior Minutes


Board Members Present

  • Michael Cooper - President
  • Nick Clark - Vice President
  • Paul Di Biase - Quartermaster
  • Bill Jago - Secretary
  • Dan Janzen - Board Member
  • Elizabeth Lynch - Treasurer
  • Ray Fleming - Board Member

We have a quorum (4 or more present).

Meeting Discussions


  • 39 (-1)
  • 27 Stripe, 12 Authorize.net


Annapolis Makerspace

  • Marshall and Ray visited the Annapolis Makerspace
  • Space has lots of meetups
  • Met leaders from Annapolis and Unallocated Space
  • Potential collaboration and teaming opportunities

Stuff to sell

  • Sheet metal brake
  • Security cage
  • Eye wash station
  • Excess computers

Project Goliath

  • No updates


Member Meeting

Summer Cookout

Open House

SoMD Film Festival


  • Could use more content suggestions from directors

Name Discussion

Current Name


  • Brand recognition
  • Ties to events such as Crab Pot
  • "Pax" tie to the base may be seen as a positive by some?
  • Logo


  • "Pax" name association (Think we ARE the base or FabLab)
  • "Pax" may imply that we are funded by base (negative for potential funders)
  • Not descriptive
  • "Space" vague

New Name


  • Generic place name
    • "[INSERT LOCATION] Makerspace"
    • "SoMD Makerspace"
    • "Southern Maryland Makerspace"
    • "Make SoMD"
  • Nondescriptive
    • "Unallocated Space"
    • "Noisebridge"
    • "NYC Resistor"
  • Other "Maker" terms
    • "NOVA Labs"
    • "Columbus Idea Foundry"
    • "OpenLab"
    • "OpenWorks"
    • "Baltimore Underground Science Space"
  • Other categories???

Pros/Cons of a new name: Cons:

  • Loss of name recognition
  • Things with our name/logo on them
  • People think "PaxSpace" is closed
  • Unidentified confusion with a new name


  • Eliminate base association confusion
  • More descriptive
  • New marketing drive opportunities

  • Float on Slack with membership to get ideas.
  • Nick will put together a google doc to start the brainstorming
  • Stuff we will need
    • Name
    • Logo
    • Taglines
    • Domains
    • Promotional materials

Action Item List

Action Assigned to
Backup and update wordpress to fix csv issues Paul

Next Meeting

We will hold the next BoD meeting on July 10th, 2018.