20151013 - BoD Meeting

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Time, Location

6:00PM, PaxSpace

Prior Minutes


Board Members Present

  • Michael Cooper - President
  • Nick Clark - Vice President
  • Paul Di Biase - Quartermaster
  • Ryan Blackwood - Treasurer
  • Bill Jago - Secretary
  • Jim Shelton - Board Member
  • Dan Logan - Board Member

We have a quorum (5 or more present).

Members Present

  • Ray Fleming
  • Toby

Meeting Discussions

BoD Membership

Ryan has moved. Need to figure out impacts to BoD membership, quorum, and officer responsibilities.

  • Paul motioned to remove Ryan from BoD, Mike seconded.
  • Decision to modify BoD membership to 6 people
  • Ryan will continue Treasurer duties in the interim pending any transition plan from Ryan.

PaxSpace Service Offerings


  • Act as a clearing house or middle man between consumers and member-providers of services
  • Create a resource to advertise capabilities and services that members offer.

Consensus is to stick with a more hands-off approach and provide publicity of member's businesses and/or service offerings. We will continue to explore options and evolve the plan as time goes on.

Space Equipment Status

  • Lathe being worked on
  • Access Control will spin up again soon
  • Octoprint works well, but may not be a seamless solution. Still evaluating.
  • Wood shop tools (multiples)
    • Drill Presses
    • Sanders
    • Table Saws

Summary of Board Votes

Motion Aye Nay Result
Remove Ryan from BoD membership 5 0 Approved

Action Item List

Action Assigned to
Reach out to Marshall about membership status Paul

Next Meeting

We will hold the next BoD and member meetings on November 10th, 2015