20150414 - BoD Meeting

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Board Members Present

  • Michael Cooper - President
  • Nick Clark - Vice President
  • Paul Di Biase - Quartermaster
  • Steve Hess - Secretary
  • Ryan Blackwood - Treasurer
  • Jim Shelton - Board Member
  • Bill Jago - Board Member came in towards end of meeting
  • Dan Logan - Board Member

Members Present

  • Ray Fleming
  • We have a quorum (5 or more present)
  • Mike called meeting to order @ 5:47pm


Open House

  • ACTION Nick to develop a wiki page documenting the checklist of things to do leading up to an open house.
  • ACTION Nick to follow up with open house guests who requested info.


  • Ryan dropped off all info with H+R Block.
  • ACTION Ryan will visit tomorrow to finalize and submit.

Sales and Use Tax

  • ACTION Mike to submit paperwork per link in previous email discussion


  • No news yet, ACTION Ryan to check with Metrocast

Open priorities for the space

  • Sand/prime/paint classroom
  • Sort junk
  • Classroom floor (Mike to check on materials)
  • Work bench (ACTION Bill to send out preliminary plan)
  • Projector screen (ACTION Ray researched wiring and will take charge to install in the classroom )
  • Organize Electronics shop (ACTION Ryan will lead this effort)
  • Dust collection. (ACTION Mike and Bill to check some prices on equipment)

Adjourn Meeting

  • Meeting adjourned 6:55pm.

Next Meeting

Tuesday, April 21st, 2015