20150217 - BoD Meeting

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Board Members Present

  • Michael Cooper - President
  • Nick Clark - Vice President
  • Paul Di Biase - Quartermaster
  • Steve Hess - Secretary
  • Ryan Blackwood - Treasurer
  • Jim Shelton - Board Member
  • Bill Jago - Board Member
  • Dan Logan - Board Member

    • We have a quorum. (5 or more present)
  • Mike called meeting to order @ 5:30pm

Old Business

Contract Templates

No updates

Website SEO

ACTIONPaul to setup website clone for dev work

2015 Calendar Schedule

  • Mike sent the 2015 class schedule to the BoD. We plan to schedule some time at next week's BoD meeting to review as a group.

Move into the new Space

  • Mike needs detailed plans for wall and stair construction
    • ACTION Jim to provide plans to Mike
  • Shop-side closet at bottom of stairs
    • Tentative plan is to use the space as a kitchenette area.
  • Fire egress issues
    • Plan is to incorporate an emergency exit alarm from the classroom toward the shop if necessary.
    • ACTIONMike to check on requirements
  • Electrical work
    • Plan to minimize necessary electrical mods if possible
    • ACTIONMike to check on feasibility of Steve performing mods
  • Dust collection
    • ACTIONEveryone to research dust collection designs and material sources
  • Timing
    • ACTIONMike to confirm timeline for timeline for accessing the space for modification work

Finding Old TABLED Business

  • Nick MOTION to close out all old tabled business.
    • Mike seconded
    • Ayes: 5

Open House announcement

  • Nick updated the website and social media with open house info

Crab Pot

  • Discuss in more detail at next week's meeting.

Check Signatures

  • Ryan and Jim met last week but couldn't complete the changes. They will meet at the bank again tomorrow to retry.

Finances - Treasurer Report

  • Ryan will have the first report at next week's meeting

New Business / Open Forum

  • ACTION Discuss Crab Pot next week
  • ACTION Discuss Open House next week
  • ACTION Discuss membership drive next week

Adjourn Meeting

  • 6:30pm Bill MOTION to adjourn meeting
    • Jim second.
    • Aye 5
      • Meeting adjourned.

Next Meeting

Tuesday, February 24th, 2015