20150210 - BoD Meeting

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Board Members Present

  • Michael Cooper - President
  • Nick Clark - Vice President
  • Paul Di Biase - Quartermaster
  • Steve Hess - Secretary
  • Ryan Blackwood - Treasurer
  • Jim Shelton - Board Member
  • Bill Jago - Board Member
  • Dan Logan - Board Member

    • We have a quorum. (5 or more present)
  • Steve called meeting to order @ 17:30

Old Business

Website SEO

Closed Nick reached out

2015 Calendar Schedule

  • Mike brought up the list he sent to previous board for 2015 events to get scheduled
    • Will send list to current members
    • Continue to look at and waiting on Ryan.

Move into the new Space

  • Looking good so far.
  • Waiting for additional info from Jim

Finding Old TABLED Business

  • Steve sent email list for old TABLED Business.
    • Directors to spend a week looking at.

Tabled Business

Finances - Treasurer Report

Current Expenses

  • No Current Treasurer Report
  • Jim and Ryan to meet at PNC Bank to get check signing and web access taken care of.

New Business / Open Forum

  • Paul received 8 Teensies for new entry system. PJRC donated
  • ACTION Nick to make initial Open House (April 12th, 2015) announcements to Social Media.
  • Need more info from Mike regarding Crab Pot competition
  • Judges should be local business, Navy people, etc.
    • No PaxSpace member should be judging.
  • Dan going to Leonardtown Elementary School STEM event next Wednesday.
    • Would like help to man it 18:00 to 20:00.
      • Jim?

  • BoD Meeting finished 18:15
  • Pause for Member Meeting

Members Meeting

Members Present

  • Ray Fleming
  • Josh Allen
  • Mike Steele
  • Chris Williams & sons
  • Mike Parks
  • Mike Pleva arrived later
  • Member Meeting started at 18:32


  • Thanks for coming
  • Will be held on the second Tuesday of every month

Nick's Update

  • Officially moving to Bay 8 across the parking lot.
    • Need help for construction and the move.
  • Crab Pot Competition coming soon.
    • Early to Mid May?
      • Pitch business ideas for CASH!
  • Spring Open House will be Sunday April 12th


  • More classes coming.
  • Contact Steve with ideas.

New Business / Open Forum

  • Look at Chris's son Jaret Mailbox "You Have Mail" alert project.
  • Look at Chris's son Ryan Lego Robot Arm project.

Adjourn Meeting

  • 19:11pm
    • Meeting adjourned.

Next Meeting

Tuesday, February 17th, 2015