20150120 - BoD Meeting

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Board Members Present

  • Michael Cooper - President
  • Steve Hess - Secretary
  • Ryan Blackwood - Treasurer
  • Jim Shelton - Board Member
  • Bill Jago - Board Member

    • We have a quorum. (5 or more present)
  • Steve called meeting to order @ 6:00pm

Old Business

Project Approval Process

Things to be changed due to the voting results

  • Emails
  • Wiki
  • Website
  • Treasurer changeover
      • Mailbox key
      • Records

Contract Templates

Google Group Discussion

  • make the group private
    • assigned to Paul. Ryan stated completed.

Website SEO

  • Nick still looking into it with personal contacts

Phone calls

  • Follow Up?
    • PaxSpace Kids Inquiry - Jim still following up.
    • 3D printer classes - Jim to give Ryan existing info. Ryan to schedule class.
    • ACTIONRyan to work on scheduling a class on 3d Printers/Printing
    • Mentoring a teenager - Jim still following up

2015 Calendar Schedule

  • Mike brought up the list he sent to previous board for 2015 events to get scheduled
    • Will send list to current members

Chemical Cabinet

  • Cabinet purchased for $75.00
  • Repaint exterior? YES

Move into the new Space

  • YES
  • More discussions to follow on what we will need to do for changes
  1. ACTION Jim to bring report for facility layout and move

Tabled Business

Finances - Treasurer Report

Current Expenses

  • No Current Treasurer Report
    • ACTION Ryan to reach out to Dan to get the transition made

New Business / Open Forum

Check Signatures

  • Discussed requiring 2 signatures on checks. Will bring up next BoD Meeting.

Finding Old TABLED Business

  • ACTIONSteve to go back over TABLED Business

Adjourn Meeting

  • 6:10pm SteveMOTIONto adjourn meeting
    • Mike second.
    • Aye 5
      • Meeting adjourned.

Next Meeting

Tuesday, January 27th, 2015