20141014 - BoD Meeting

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Members Present

  • Dan
  • Jim
  • Nick
  • Paul
  • Members
    • Ryan Blackwood

Old Business


  • Still need to do technical things for the backend and put up the frontend
  • Updates from mike next week


  • Emails and facebook messages have been sent out with no response in regards to Calvert County
  • Will be pushing forward with this more


  • Nick is going to submit to Honda
  • Still the other status quo
  • Still need to do form factor
  • Still need to make plaques
  • Still want to have Newspaper articles on the wall
    • Can reach out to all of the contacts to get copies


  • Need update from Mike

County Membership

  • Had the back and forth with Mike and the county
  • Looks like its going to happen

Classroom Ceiling

  • ACTION put together quote for building out the classroom
    • assigned to Nick

Open House

  • Laser cutter design at tonight's membership meeting
  • Nick has updated all of the websites and print sites with out info
  • Updated SOMD radio with our public info

Tabled Business


Corporate Membership

Shop Re-Org

New Business / Open Forum


  • Get a status report

Member Updates