20140930 - BoD Meeting

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Members Present

  • Dan
  • Jim
  • Nick
  • Paul
  • Mike
  • Member (Tobey)

Old Business

Moving into the new space

  • Response that could be down to 4k without the door
  • we will table until we get more information
  • start looking into future buildout/moving opportunities

Start Up

  • Paul's started working on the website layout
  • Started working on the oauth2.0 account log-in sharing
  • will continue to plug away at it
  • Robyn posed some concerns with PaxSpace having an incubator
    • We will be competing against University of Maryland's incubator coming in a few years
  • Revenue stream for ad space and the sort


  • we're going to have a free one sent to us
  • Will create a blog post to say what happened and give them credit for being awesome about it


  • ACTION nick will send out an email to directors with some options
    • Actual "creation of items" services
    • Providing services to others
      • Classes
      • Instruction services
      • Tutoring Services
  • Need an Independant service contract
    • Need an invoice template
    • need services table


  • The county will become a member
    • Possibly purchase members and have them as gifts to give away for STEM
    • Create a sponsoring member
      • Anything over $50 a month would be tax deductible
  • Couple more steps on the Honda thing have been done
  • Robyn suggested that we go after the BAA
    • Mike will take a look at it again

Tabled Business


Corporate Membership

Shop Re-org

New Business / Open Forum

Higher Ed Center

  • Mike will offer her to see the space and have a tour
  • Jim will be at the higher ed center for training and will stop by


  • Want to try to knock out the dates for the next year before this upcoming open house
  • ACTION Mike will push out his current list


  • Christmas codes
  • scheduled promotions
  • standing discounted promotion/discount code

Curiosity Hacked

  • We're done with them
    • They're not doing anything for us and we're not going to continue to promote their agenda
  • Going to go back to PaxSpace Kids and PaxSpace Kids Labs
  • Crews instead of Guilds
  • have 3d printed badges
  • Will have a finished product
    • Handbook with curriculum
    • Turn key STEAM program
      • Not really looking to monetize for Personal
      • Might be possible to monetize for PaxSpace purposes
        • "Of the month club" type service