20140923 - BoD Meeting

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Members Present

  • Dan
  • Jim
  • Nick
  • Paul
  • Mike

Old Business

County Fair Outcome

  • Several Tours setup and ready to go
  • Handed out roughly 300 flyers
  • Met Karen Bailey, Guy running agaist Steny H, a bunch of other people
  • Will probably want to do st mary's county fair again
    • Want to do a raffle, possibly a 3D printer
  • need more hands on things like the reflex timer
  • way to capture peoples information
  • business cards
  • marketing materials
  • get a calendar together

Moving into the new space

  • Still waiting for Austin's quote
  • Bob S had some ideas for places for places in Lex Park


  • BAA
    • Do we want to try to put in a bid/contract for this BAA
    • Mike wants to talk to Schroder (sp?)
  • Educational Partnership Agreement with NAVAIR
  • Honda Foundation is being started, 20-50k for a stem or steam based program
    • can't be for capital improvements
    • a few other stipulations

Startup Site

  • still need to have a sit down between Paul and Mike
  • want to get a layout done as well as a

Tabled Business


Corporate Membership

Shop Re-org

  • TABLED until we get a quote for the move

New Business / Open Forum


  • Needs to be fixed


  • Supplying services
    • prints
    • cad
    • Possibly work the services into the incubator
  • Provide ready to go STE(A)M things
    • We need to get infront of the school board
      • Also the PTA