20140909 - BoD Meeting

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Members Present

  • Dan
  • Nick
  • Mike
  • Paul

Old Business

Moving into space

  • No requote yet
    • ACTION reping Austin about the new quote assigned to Mike

Open House

  • will have a meeting at the membership meeting
  • Will hopefully push out materials for members to paper the town


  • Dan sent those checks in


Are listed here

  • We are officially on the irs website
  • ACTION Nick is going to take a look at corporate.honda.com
  • ACTION Paul is going to go through and filter the grants on the above page by requirements

Start-Up Site

  • ACTION get some sort of design to Paul so that we can move forward with the startup site
    • assigned to Mike

Tabled Business


Corporate Membership

Shop Re-org

New Business / Open Forum

County Fair

  • 8'x10' booth
  • need a laptop to run the 3d printer
  • need brochures
  • need a desktop/setup
  • need a banner
  • need to setup arduinos

Next Meeting