20140902 - BoD Meeting

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Members Present

  • Nick
  • Jim
  • Mike

Old Business

  • Selection made
  • Paul helping to vectorize then Nick will get to work on marketing materials

Moving into Space

  • Need to get information from wayne/austin about how much it would cost to up the infrastructure
    • ACTION assigned to Mike for updated cost to just do bathroom

Open House

  • ACTION assigned to Nick: send email about Open House committee at next membership meeting
  • ACTION assigned to everyone to make a laser engraver plan

Tabled Business


  • Waiting for final branding

Corporate Membership

  • Needs more discussion

Shop Re-org

  • Waiting on decision on Bay 8

New Business / Open Forum


  • ACTION assigned to Dan to update invoice email and pay


  • ACTION assigned to Paul to sort through grants on Wiki

Start-up Site

  • ACTION assigned to Mike and Paul to discuss

Curiousity Hacked

  • let's do it!

Next Meeting