20140812 - BoD Meeting

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Members Present

Old Business

Open House

  • Email interested parties from last Open House
  • Do the open house build a laser event
    • Need to plan and get most of the things that we'll need to get
    • Specifically safety
    • Focusing lenses
    • Enclosure
  • Notionally going with Nov 16th as our next date


  • all are scheduled
  • put up a blog post about the different classes


  • The information changed and they are now accepting proposals through Dec 5th.
    • Not evaluating anything until Dec 5th
    • Essentially no rush
  • Might not apply to what we're really about/doing
    • At least not in an overarching manner
  • Incubator Site might be a possible idea for a specific BAA

Tabled Business

New Business / Open Forum

Corporate Membership

  • Comparing Dallas Makerspace's corporate membership
  • Need to possibly create a type

3D Printing Help

  • possibly open up a service to print pieces
  • do minimum print amounts
  • TABLE this discussion

Shop re-org

  • Still need to have a table built
  • Need to finish


  • Nicole Clark would like to do another piece on us



  • We have a winner
    • Build, Learn, Discover

Next Meeting