20140722 - BoD Meeting

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Members Present

  • Nick
  • Jim
  • Paul
  • Dan

Old Business

  • MOTION: Move meeting time to 530pm
    • 2nd by Dan
    • Ayes: 4


  • ACTION get grant paperwork filtered and put on the wiki
    • ASSIGNED to Paul


  • The people who signed up cannot make it tonight
    • Hopefully next tuesday
  • Still absolutely nothing from Skinner


  • was being funded by the county for 20 hrs/week
  • Robyn F, Angela S, David A, Rick T,
  • Angela is stepping down since the funding is out
  • The county is bring in the Pitch Maryland Bus which is a State wide competition
    • September 24th
  • "Co-founder labs" was hired by the county
    • To put together businesses
    • County is handing out memberships that they bought to county companies
    • API going to be created to rebrand to a SMIT/SOMD
  • Sept 17th is the SMIT meeting in September
    • Using the SMIT meeting to do the Crab Pot/Shark Tank idea
      • Low level prize even though investors will be invited
      • A precursor to the Bus coming in
  • Need to work on getting the startup.paxspace.org up and running
    • Try to set it up in a way to not create new content

Tabled Business

New Business / Open Forum

Micro-controller Mondays

  • 7 groups of people can through on Monday
  • Mike C was present and then 2 more people can through later on when Mike P was here
  • We still want to have MM but not every week
  • Will put MM back on the internal event calendar so that members will still know that is a focus
  • Will be hosting a monthly open to the public
    • ACTION: Change the meetup event
      • ASSIGNED to Jim

Next Meeting