20140624 - BoD Meeting

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Members Present

  • Mike
  • Nick
  • Paul

Old Business


  1. ACTION get grant paperwork filtered and put on the wiki
    1. ASSIGNED to Paul


  1. No information from Allen Skinner
    1. He's signed up and one other person but no one has responded
    2. Nick has reached out several times
    3. Sarah has been CC'd on everything

Tabled Business

New Business / Open Forum


  1. Possibly going to be working with them for the "Shark Tank" idea
  2. Mike is going to be sending out an email

SMHack Funds

  1. Obtained rest of their funds in exchange for memberships
  2. Need to come up with a financial budget/plan for this type of event (large donations)
  3. We're going to do a funding drive/campaign
  4. Need to time it to start with the open house and end with another one?

Marketing Budget

  1. Going set aside $50 per month for a budget
  2. Approvals/Discussion with at least 2 board members before spending

Open House

  1. Nick is not available that Saturday
    1. Will be there Thursday/Friday nights
  2. Need to get plans in order
  3. Need to get cleaned up

Next Meeting