20140610 - BoD Meeting

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Members Present

  • Dan
  • Nick
  • Paul
  • Jim Late

MOTION to have the meeting as we need one 2nd Dan and Nick AYE: 3

Old Business


  1. Nick sent out the card to Baldwin.
    • Will still cut him something when we get our toolchain down
  2. No real updates from Lockheed
  3. No updates from Wayne at Wyle either


  1. ACTION get grant paperwork filtered and put on the wiki
    • ASSIGNED to Paul


  1. SOMD Radio
    • Recontact the public service people since we have our pending status paperwork
  2. Get PaxSpace Patches
  3. Checkout somewhere online to do some embroidery


  1. ACTION move us from BCF to our own
    • ASSIGNED to Jim

Tabled Business


  1. TABLE discussion until next meeting

New Business / Open Forum


  1. Allen Skinner (Charles)
    • Wants to use the space with his 'kids' from STEM
  2. Bonnie (TPP) offered to pay $25 for any of his kids to use the space
  3. Coming with Allen
    • He is the chaperone
  4. Parents with minors
    • No wood shop
      • Only Electronics, Computers and 3D Printers
    • Parents are just chaperones
  5. Everyone must be safety trained
  6. Members from 16-18 are still able to use the woodshop if safety trained

Microcontroller Mondays

  1. We feel that it shouldn't be a 'hosted' event
  2. Members can come whenever they feel like doing a like project

Drop Cleaning

  1. MOTION to drop the cleaning service by Nick
    • 2nd by Paul
    • Ayes: 3
  2. ACTION drop cleaning service
    • ASSIGNED to Mike

Next Meeting