20140506 - BoD Meeting

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Members Present

  • Dan
  • Jim
  • Mike
  • Paul

Old Business


  1. Went out Friday
    1. Got there Monday


  1. No thank you note out yet...
    1. Just a Thank you card
      1. ACTION send that card out ASSIGNED to jim (last time we're going to assign it to you)
    2. Want to have something up in the space soon

Summer Internships

  1. going through the paperwork
  2. not sure how an intern will work here
    1. a lot of expensive, Very hands on equipment
    2. will continue to bring it up in discussions


  1. In the red $253 every month with the current receipts
    1. Does not include maintenance, upkeep, new purchases, etc....
    2. $1950 per month expenses
  2. ~$6600 in our account
  3. Currently have 38 members
  4. Are only ~5 monthly memberships away from breaking even
  5. Looks like we have ~25 months at the current status quo before we are no longer viable
  6. Would still like a graph of membership over time


  1. No more information from Wyle or Lockheed
  2. Ping them
    1. ACTION assigned to Mike/Nick
  3. compile the list (pdf) from Mike on the wiki
    1. ACTION assigned to Paul


  1. send (The graphic artist, Beth Gambo) information to Paul
    1. ACTION assigned to Mike
  2. Things to be made up/bought:
    1. Poster/Brochure Cards
    2. Business Cards
    3. Logo done up for shirts/clothing gear
    4. Window clings/Magnetic Bumper
  3. Still feel that we need some more information before

Tabled Business

Incubator Setup

  1. TABLE until a future discussion

New Business / Open Forum

Next Meeting