20140429 - BoD Meeting

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Members Present

  • Dan
  • Jim
  • Paul
  • Mike

Old Business

Catapult Competition

  1. Made the post and announcement


  1. Needs another over look of the financials
    1. Dan, Jim and Mike looked over it
      1. Have a path forward and will be submitting the form tomorrow
        1. ACTION assigned to Jim


  1. Thank you note to sam baldwin
    1. ACTION assigned to Jim
  2. go through all of the grant stuff
    1. The email that Mike sent with the information
    2. Read and down-select the list to 3 ish
      1. ACTION assigned to everyone

Summer Internships

  1. go over the documentation that Mike sent to paul
    1. ACTION assigned to Paul
  2. check to see if we are capable of having interns

Security System

  1. still need an IO piece for the back room panel
  2. Looked into security monitoring options and found that the texting to board members option is viable
  3. Looked into how to stream the cams
    1. able to get a rtsp (sp?) stream going from the cameras, need to put that stream together and pushed out to a web accessible interface
      1. Possibly using an inhouse computer/server and ffmpeg the streams together

Tabled Business

New Business / Open Forum


  1. need to do market research
    1. Brochures
    2. Event announcements
    3. Business Cards
    4. Advertisements
      1. Radio
      2. Newspapers
      3. Web
  2. need to get the financials in order
    1. will get what our 'break-even' point it
      1. ACTION assigned to Dan

Discount codes

  1. MOTION have a discount code that gives $25 off of new members signing up
    1. Ayes: 4
  2. Will look into creating discount codes for free memberships that we can pass out to businesses and the TPP


  1. Mike's thoughts
    1. Open To members
    2. Some section of the website/wiki that provides all of the information
      1. Repository of information
    3. possibly a 'different' interface/website/wordpress frontend

Next Meeting