20140422 - BoD Meeting

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Members Present

  • Jim
  • Nick
  • Paul
  • Mike

Old Business


  1. were filed

open house

  1. TABLE the shark tank idea until the Fall
  2. possibly put together an incubator kick-off for the summer open house
  3. TABLE the todo list for open house (checklist) is a living document that will be worked on continuously
  4. might want to make the open house in the first/second week of october
    1. ties it into MIPS timeline
  5. MOTION move to July 13th
    1. AYEs: 4
  6. want to have a trebuchet competition
    1. only mechanical
      1. no explosives
      2. no compressed air
    2. must fit inside a 2'x2'x3' box (any orientation)
      1. in a non-primed state
      2. All components used to prime must be in this space
    3. Ammunition will be PaxSpace provided tennis balls
    4. Longest distance thrown wins
      1. 3 tries
      2. First hit counts as the distance
    5. Teams must only be at a maximum of 2 people
      1. At least one PaxSpace member is required
    6. Will announce now (within a few days)
    7. Open Registration May 13th
    8. Registration Closes June 13th
    9. Announce where the competition will be held during July 1-4th


  1. Thank you note to Sam Baldwin
    1. ACTION to Jim
  2. ACTION go through the stuff (from Tim Forester) and check non-501c3 eligibility assigned to Mike


  1. Dan completed financial
  2. Done and completed in the mail by Friday
    1. Sign the one page from a Board Member
    2. Fill out the financial page from the stuff that Dan Completed
    3. Fill out the check and send it out
      1. ACTION assigned to Jim

Summer Internships

  1. ACTION send the documentation to Paul assigned to Mike

Tabled Business

New Business / Open Forum


  1. Mike is trying to court Lockheed and Wyle
    1. Will continue to ping them

Security System

  1. Need a monitoring service
    1. ACTION look into monitoring service options assigned to Nick
  2. need an IO piece to interface with the back panel
    1. design it
    2. hook it up to our network
  3. look into security camera tunneling to the web
    1. ACTION assigned to Paul

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