20140401 - BoD Meeting

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Members Present

  • Jim
  • Nick
  • Dan
  • Paul
  • Mike

Old Business


  1. There are a few things the tax pro wants more info on
    1. Progress towards our stated mission goals
  2. ACTION reach out to the tax pro for more info assigned to Dan

Open House

  1. Need to get marketing out sooner
  2. Next date will possibly be July 20th
    1. Possibly Shark Tank for this summer
  3. Will continue to mention it during meetings to keep things relevant
  4. Notional first/second week in November for the fall/winter open house
  5. Want to do some sort of event, not necessarily just an open house
  6. ACTION get a steering committee together for the investor/business side assigned to Mike
  7. ACTION Put together a to do list for every open house assigned to Nick


  1. Friday meeting, April 4th, 8am at TPP (Exploration 1)
    22335 Exploration Dr #1035, Lexington Park, MD 20653
  2. Presentation
    1. Good to go but might need some touch ups
    2. Have the tech there
  3. Nick and Mike will be presenting
    1. Paul will be attending
  4. Sam Baldwin's check deposited
    1. Need to send a thank you letter in the mail
      1. ACTION assigned to Jim
  5. Tim Forestor dropped off a pile of stuff
    1. ACTION go through the stuff and check non-501c3 eligibility assigned to Mike

Mail Box Renewal

  1. Completed by Dan
    1. Receipt is in for it
  2. The address is correct


  1. Not going to attend


  1. Everyone needs to seriously do their parts
  2. ACTION put the package together assigned to Jim

Tabled Business

New Business / Open Forum


  1. Forest career and tech center
    1. Might have some interest in getting some unpaid internships for the summer
    2. Send the documentation to Paul

TPP Financial Agreement

  1. Mike has sent it back with a few revisions

Summer student discount

  1. MOTION to create a summer student discount
    1. 2nd
    2. Ayes: 5
  2. 30% or whatever percentage

Tester articles

  1. Nick reached out to Brian Jordan, Robiotech
    1. very interested in looking for a place to come and do some prototyping
  2. He wants to join
  3. Look into referrals

Next Meeting