20140318 - BoD Meeting

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Members Present

  • Dan
  • Jim
  • Nick
  • Paul

Old Business


  1. Update from Dan
  2. Submitted most to the tax prof last Tuesday
    1. Can expect an update soon
  3. Will cost $300.


  1. Who needs to do what?
    1. Do our activities
      1. Our classes but in prose
      2. All of the extras
  2. Use this page to capture what each of us have already done
  3. Try to get it all finished before Sunday, 20mins a day will do it...

Open House

  1. Who plans to be around when?
    1. Paul, Nick, and Dan
      1. All Day Sunday
  2. In the email to membership, let them know that we will be here Saturday and to stop by to help
    1. Include a link to the flyer and request that they distribute them
    2. Include a talk about how we're going to be doing 'blue' shirts with name tags
  3. We're in the Monthly ESDP newsletter
  4. Signs
    1. Plan on making a few more up along the roadside
    2. Put up the large one on the corner
    3. Will get in contact with Hilltop Signs regarding the front Sign
  5. Jeanette (Meetup convo) discussion


  1. Did we receive check from Sam Baldwin?
    1. Mailing fiasco email
  2. Get update from Mike on lunch meeting with Bob Schaller
    1. TABLE until next discussion
  3. Do we want to offer advisory board position to Rick Tarr from SMIT?
    1. Possibly
    2. TABLE discussion


  1. Nothing from Tim Forester in a week+, does he need anything from us?
    1. TABLE discussion until Mike is present

New Business / Open Forum




    1. Nick and Paul might be able to make it, but just as visitors, not bringing a table


  1. Mail box renewal
    1. Waiting to hear back from the Tax Pro


Next Meeting