20140304 - BoD Meeting

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Members Present

  • Dan
  • Jim
  • Nick
  • Paul
  • Mike

Old Business


  1. Going to try and get the presentation out soon
  2. Nick had a conversation with Sarah on Friday
    1. Never finalized the TPP agreement for tax exempt donations
      1. She's going back to check it out and will get back to us asap
      2. Directly relates to the equipment donation (more information on the directors forum, )
        1. Need to hit them up asap
    2. Have the people that won the Science Fair for the county to come and show it off during the open house
    3. Sarah is going to reach out to the media outlets to know about the open house
      1. Get an article relating to the tri-cal equipment donation


  1. Intro to wood working
  2. Part 2 to intro to arduino
  3. Still reaching out to members regarding their classes


  1. still looking for the previous workflow
  2. jim is still going to try and do it


  1. Going to make some signs up and not buy in bulk
  2. Going to be on TPP's calendar
  3. SOMD forums/calendar is updated
  4. SOMD Radio Public Service thing - No feedback
  5. Directly posted on Heather and Tbone's facebook
  6. Talked to Nicole Clark (enterprise article writer)
    1. Going to do a follow up and focusing on a different board member
    2. Willing to do something on the Open House afterwards but are pressing for before the open house
  7. Reaching out to the County Times and Bob S.
  8. Reach out to the Tester?
  9. Want to reach out to other makerspaces to come by the open house.
    1. ACTION create the email assigned to Paul/Nick

Tabled Business

New Business / Open Forum


  1. Will be more actively discussed when Mike is less crazy busy

CNC Router

  1. Now with our new donation from Sam Baldwin ("The Law Offices of Baldwin and Biscoe, PC and the Baldwin Business Group") we have enough $$ to purchase the rest of the mechanical
    1. Need to showcase them during the open house
      1. Will do on all marketing stuff for the open house
  2. Moving forward to purchase the rest of the materials for the router

Open House

  1. Need to get PaxSpace on the road sign
    1. ACTION talk to wayne assigned to Mike

Next Meeting