20140225 - BoD Meeting

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Members Present

  • Dan
  • Jim
  • Nick
  • Paul
  • Mike

Old Business


  1. presentation received some nice feedback
  2. Bonnie meeting with TPP is on March 10th
    1. Will be doing this as a dry-run
    2. Will have a review before this meeting
    3. ACTION finish for review by next meeting assigned to Nick
  3. Troy from Booze is going to get back to Nick


  1. We're not going to it
    1. Too early

CNC Router

  1. Design meeting after this meeting
  2. Table any additional discussion until next meeting


  1. Working towards having a complete workflow for how to add classes
  2. Want to have a sketchup class soon
  3. want to have an intro to wood working class soon
  4. need to charge for non-members
    1. At cost or free for members
    2. Some nominal cost for non-members, $10
  5. want to have an intro to programming course
    1. ACTION assigned to Nick
  6. need to schedule the boy scouts SnapCircuits events
    1. ACTION assigned to Nick


  1. ACTION go through whats currently there and what's missing assigned to Jim

Tabled Business

New Business / Open Forum

Open House

  1. Sunday, March 23rd
  2. Need marketing
    1. Reaching out to the people who wrote articles about us before
    2. SOMD Radio
    3. Email TBone and Heather directly
    4. Cable company
    5. Worked up the newer flyer
    6. SOMD forum
    7. Want to get PaxSpace infront of the building on the larger sign
      1. Get info from Wayne about what size
    8. ACTION look at the road signs again assigned to Paul/Nick
    9. Nick said he will handle marketing
  3. Things to do/schedule
    1. 3d print logo pieces
    2. CNC cut something with the router
    3. Demos of the classes
    4. Arduino/Raspberry Pi's
    5. Wood working tools?
  4. Need to reach out to members specifically to help out
  5. Reach out to the other makerspaces
    1. ACTION assigned to Nick

Smartronix Meeting

  1. good impressions
  2. very interested in the different possibilities for projects

JF Taylor

  1. nothing back yet


  1. Mike talked to Gary Kessler last week
  2. Mike wants to reach out to Mike S(NAVAIR) about the open house
    1. Feels something like a laser cutter build event would go over more than just stopping by an open house
  3. Emily Harmon (NAWCAD) SMall business
  4. Rick Tar (works for Mike S) is apart of the that office

Next Meeting