20140107 - BoD Meeting

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Members Present

  • Dan
  • Jim
  • Nick
  • Paul
  • Mike

Old Business

  1. ACTION still need to post the check-in/check-out procedures assigned to Jim
    1. Just need to bring it in, its printed
  2. ACTION catalog our inventory assigned to Paul
  3. ACTION finish out the scheduling system on the website assigned to Paul
  4. ACTION draft out a spreadsheet capturing the most common parts / consumables assigned to Jim
  5. authorize.net about the $89.00 fee assigned to Dan L
    1. this is a yearly fee
  6. ACTION look into the itemized bill related to our utilities assigned to Mike
    1. ACTION send email to Mike to remind him assigned to Paul
  7. talked to Bonnie about the Laser Cutter
    1. Mainly talked about using TPP to get in front of DCS
    2. Working on a draft/presentation that can be talked about/to when meeting with corporations
  8. Working on the sponsorship levels for the website view vs the wiki
    1. ACTION finish up the presentation with the new sponsorship information assigned to Nick
      • Need to cold-call/prospect corporations
        • either a wiki page or on the forum
        1. Quick list of leads
          1. DCS
            • ACTION talk to bonnie to get infront of DCS assigned to Jim
          2. ETC
            • ACTION assigned to Mike
          3. Wyle
            • ACTION talk to Wayne D assigned to Mike
          4. NAVAIR
            • Talk to Emily Harmon?
          5. Booz-Allen Hamilton
            • ACTION contact is Troy? assigned to Nick C
        2. Get The right people on the phone
        3. Try to setup a meeting 2-3 weeks from now
        4. Get the right people in the room and deliver the consistent presentation
  9. ACTION call TPP about the $1000 assigned to Jim S
  10. called metrocast about our bill assigned to Jim S
    1. the bill came through and was paid

Tabled Business

New Business / Open Forum


  1. 1 year lease
  2. first 3 months at 1/2 off at $782.13
  3. will include CAM fees
  4. still needs to be finalized
  5. ACTION will be in contact and fill in the details assigned to Mike


  1. How do we do/get grants
    1. ACTION look up how we do grants assigned to Nick
  2. would we be able to tag/team


  1. mike went over most of it
  2. need to go over the financials more
  3. Want to thread in the economical development piece for the "Incubator"
  4. need pictures in the 501c3 paperwork
  5. need to get the $1000 for the paperwork to go through
  6. need to get the support documentation finished up

CNC Router

  1. We have at least $300 in the CNC Router fund
  2. ACTION Will take on the role to research other driver boards (besides LinuxCNC or Mach3) controllers assigned to Paul

Cub Scouts

  1. Pack 561 (Eric Anderson, 5 kids) is coming in Thursday - bird house kits
  2. Pack 420 Pine wood derbys
    1. Fathers are going to use the bandsaws, sander and drill press , NOT the children
    2. Saturday and Monday

Next Meeting

Tuesday Jan 14th