20131217 - BoD Meeting

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Members Present

  • Dan
  • Jim
  • Nick
  • Paul
  • Mike

Old Business

  1. MOTION to waive notice
    1. Ayes:5
  2. ACTION still need to post the check-in/check-out procedures assigned to Jim
  3. ACTION catalog our inventory assigned to Paul
  4. ACTION finish out the scheduling system on the website assigned to Paul
  5. ACTION draft out a spreadsheet capturing the most common parts / consumables assigned to Jim

Sponsorship Levels

  1. Press Releases should be tied to specific events or to just the Release that we have a new sponsor
    • The intention is NOT to have every sponsor on every press release
Unlimited Unlimited Unlimited Unlimited Unlimited 1/cycle
Perks $100 $1000 $2500 $5000 $10000 $15000
Website X (w/o logo) X X (w/ link) X X (w/ page) X (w/ page +)
Space Plaque X X X X (logo) X
Press Release X (quarterly announcements) X X (dedicated) X (dedicated + event)
Member Event/Social (1/yr) X
Photo/Plaque X (simple) X (intricate) X X
2x3 Logo (1 year) X (small mention) X (consolidated) X X
Membership Discount (annual) 10% 20% 30%
Logo @ Events X (small mention) X (consolidated) X X (+)
Logo on Equip X
Build Events X


  1. What do we need to do for the $1000?
    1. ACTION will drive by to pick it up assigned to Jim

DCS Corp

  1. ACTION will talk to Bonnie about the Laser Cutter assigned to Jim

Tabled Business

New Business / Open Forum

  1. ACTION call metrocast about our bill assigned to Jim S


  1. Bills
    1. Insurance $104.32
    2. Utilities $215.18
      1. ACTION ask BCF for an itemized bill assigned to Jim
    3. Metrocast $87.56
    4. Merchant Services $20.00
    5. CC fees $110
    6. ACTION call authorize.net about the $89.00 fee assigned to Dan L
    7. Rent $1567.71
  2. Income from membership $1403.50

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