20131210 - Member's Meeting

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Members Present

  • Dan
  • Nick
  • Paul
  • Jim
  • Mike
  • Other members


  • Thanks for coming
  • Will be held on the second tuesday of every month
  • Meant for open discussions and state of the Space

Jim's Update

  • We're working with the TPP
    • Have an agreement with them for current 501c3 donations
    • Currently trying to contact DCS Corp and Wyle to help us out
  • Innovation Showcase
    • A local competition for android development
    • Using App Inventor
  • SMARTCO move
    • Thank you for all of your help.
    • Furnished all of our computers and monitors.
    • Be sure to pick pieces from our junk stack on the right hand of the rack


  • Look at the classes on the website
    • We need to know what you're looking for
      • What other classes that aren't listed are you interested in?
    • When are good times to have them?

CNC Router

  • We have the donations page setup
  • We will probably be using the solyslvia plans that were bought by Jim S
  • Will be putting out a BOM to start
    • Looking for comments and suggestions

New Business / Open Forum

  • "New User 411" is important
    • Add in the advanced editing for the wiki
  • Forums are possibly not the most useful
  • Get pictures updated
    • Possibly a flickr page?
  • Watch Metrix makerspace
  • universal login
    • either Google or Facebook
    • Also our own
  • mini makerfaires
  • Friday's at the space - Networking Nights
  • Email notifications seem to be the best
  • Really interested in 3d cad
    • 123D, Sketchup, Blender, AutoDesk Inventor
  • Electronic classes are important
  • ton of white and red oak, rough cut is available.
  • Bring in the school project aspect
  • hackathons/buildathons?
  • viral videos