20131126 - BoD Meeting

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Members Present

Executive Board

  • Dan
  • Jim
  • Nick
  • Mike

Advisory Board

  • Ed

Old Business

Closed Actions

  • ACTION put TPP page up on the website assigned to Jim
  • ACTION talk through Bonnie to go to DCS corp about the laser cutter assigned to Jim
  • ACTION Nick will give Mike's his phone contact info assigned to Nick
  • ACTION Send notice to membership to see what they want to offer assigned to Nick
  • ACTION do the research (consumables) assigned to Jim
  • ACTION finish those slides content based assigned to Mike

Open Actions

  • ACTION put up a sign regarding the security system regarding what to do if you do not remember the 4 digit code assigned to Jim
    • Jim presented check in/out procedures that were accepted and were to be posted
  • ACTION catalog our inventory assigned to Paul
  • ACTION create the member usage of tools system assigned to Paul
  • ACTION Cooper to confirm intent to attend CSM LaPlata Innovation thing.

Tabled Business

New Business/Open Forum

  • Lots more discussion on consumables. No motions but discussion pointed to an attempt to cover most from dues with option to start charging if needed.
    • ACTION Draft a spreadsheet capturing most common parts needed - Jim (and Mike?)
  • 3D printer on the way!
    • ACTION Determine a procedure(s) to charge for 3D printer usage - Jim/Paul
  • ACTION Edit draft slides sent by Mike and "make pretty" - Nick
  • ACTION Send out notice of December member meeting for 12/10 - Nick

Next Meeting