20131119 - BoD Meeting

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Members Present

  • Dan
  • Jim
  • Nick
  • Paul
  • Mike

Old Business

Coffee Maker

  1. Going with the florence syphon (sp?)

Tabled Business

New Business


  1. Jim is going to modify the donation form to include the TPP info
  2. The Check is 'almost' in the mail
  3. ACTION put TPP page up on the website assigned to Jim
  4. Wants to put a member on our board of directors
  5. MOTION Add an "PaxSpace Advisory Board Member" affiliate classification by Nick
    1. 2nd by Mike
      • Non-voting Board member
      • Does not count towards quorum
    2. Ayes: 5
  6. MOTION Make Ed Barret (Sp?) as a member of the Advisory Board by Jim S
    1. 2nd by Paul
    2. Ayes: 5

Laser Cutter

  1. We want to be put infront of DCS corp
  2. ACTION talk through Bonnie to go to DCS corp about the laser cutter assigned to Jim
    1. Be sure to include Ken D in the conversation

Security System

  1. Need to put other people on the Security Call List
  2. Need to add a checkout/checkin system
  3. People need to remember the number
  4. ACTION Nick will give Mike's his phone contact info assigned to Nick
  5. ACTION put up a sign regarding the security system regarding what to do if you do not remember the 4 digit code assigned to Jim

CNC Router Plan

  1. MOTION start a fund towards a CNC router by Mike
    1. 2nd Paul
    2. Ayes: 5
  2. Going with a lower cost diy solution
  3. Motor/Controller set
  4. Build Parties
    1. For the linear set
    2. For the spindle

Solicitation Plan

  1. ACTION finish those slides content based assigned to Mike

Build Parties

  1. would love to have them
  2. need design for stuff


  1. need to set days that are NOT going to have classes, ever
    1. No Tuesday or Sundays
  2. Need to have classes put on the first week of dec NOW
  3. ACTION Send notice to membership to see what they want to offer assigned to Nick
  4. Classes to offer at least to start:
    1. Through Hold Soldering
    2. 3D CAD Class
  5. possibly have a cost difference between members and non-members
    1. members at cost for classes
    2. non-members at some sort of mark-up for classes

Incubator (TechFire)

  1. bringing in TechFire on this friday
  2. Charles County at white plains
  3. "It's an incubator solution"
  4. TABLE corporate sponsorship/membership breakdown prices
  5. TABLE production run type membership?


  1. research stock for hardware and electronics
    1. what other spaces do
  2. ACTION do the research assigned to Jim
  3. TABLE discussion on Jim's findings for the above research

Clean up Junk

  1. we don't care about it
  2. MOTION that we don't care and members can use it
    1. 2nd Everyone in unison...
      1. Ayes: 5
      2. Will start forum to let people know we have a bunch of stuff
      3. Stuff will have an origin date
        1. As we remove older stuff (with some discretion) as space is getting low
        2. As people go through all of the stuff, please post it up on the new forum


  1. need to label our stuff
  2. ACTION catalog our inventory assigned to Paul
    1. Tag anything over $20
    2. ACTION create the member usage of tools system assigned to Paul

CSM at La Plata

  1. Dec 7th
  2. Mike and Paul will be attending
  3. maybe other members
  4. maybe offer a "App Class" by then

Next Meeting

Tuesday November 26th at 1700