20131029 - BoD Meeting

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Members Present

  • Dan
  • Jim
  • Nick
  • Paul
  • Michael

Old Business

  1. MOTION to waive notice
    1. AYE: 5
  2. ACTION ping smokey joes about the sign assigned to Dan
  3. ACTION put up more flyers assigned to everyone
  4. TTP blurp was sent out
  5. pinged SOMD news, responded about wanting 501c3 paperwork, responded but nothing back from them
    1. Will continue to try
  6. ACTION get fridge
    1. Possibly get michaels
  7. bring tables
    1. ASSIGNED to Nick C
  8. Need new harddrive for the camera system
    1. Needs to be SATA 2
  10. ACTION do the write up for the 1023
  11. brought in the papercraft stuff
  12. ACTION copy and laminate safety instructions assigned to Paul
  13. ACTION buy hearing protection assign to Jim S
  14. ACTION buy eye protection
    1. others can donate?
  15. TABLE storage rack discussion
  16. TABLE organize the electronics bench
  17. TABLE put together sponsership pamphlet
  18. TABLE the flow diagram for membership voting of money
  19. ACTION talk to david mileto to drop off the projector at BCF solutions with Michael Cooper assigned Dan L
  20. a/v guys came through
    1. not sure what they're going to donate
    2. definitely are interested in spending our money
  21. TABLE ping membership about their professions
  22. 3D printer should be shipped either Tuesday or Wednesday
    1. hopefully have it for the open house
  23. ACTION get checks from PNC assigned to Dan L
  24. ACTION ping Wayne D about the 3d printed items assigned to Jim S
  25. electricity will be in addition to the support services
    1. will be mailed to our PO Box
  26. ACTION move address to po box for all billing addresses assigned to Jim
  27. ACTION sit down with Dan L to see how financials can be exported from website assigned to Dan L and Paul D
  28. TABLE discussion about staying here or not

Tabled Business

New Business


  1. put up signs
  2. put up flyers
  3. ACTION ping enterprise about a possible article assigned to Nick C
  4. ACTION talk to mikaela about a sign (person she knows) assigned to Nick C

Open house

  1. no power tools
    1. except controlled power demonstrations maybe
  2. will have Ken's drone going
  3. maybe some arduino projects running
  4. maybe some raspberry pi's running something
  5. food
    1. pre-packaged potato chip/snack bags
    2. water
    3. purchased cookies
  6. ACTION buy a keurig
  7. clean up
  8. leave curtains open
  9. do a kickstarter event station
    1. create 3d models of the individual items for Kickstarter rewards
  10. need a donation jar
    1. ACTION bring in the donation jar assigned to Paul D
  11. need ladder for the cord reels
    1. ACTION assigned to Jim and Michael
  12. need to modify the door to put the door jam in
    1. ACTION assigned to Jim S

Donations Mechanism

  1. ACTION talk to TPP about how donations should go through assigned to Jim S
    1. ACTION create a page for TPP on the website under Sponsors

Smart Co

  1. meeting with Ron tomorrow at 4pm


  1. update all communications through the new website
    1. post comments on the latest blog post about when we're going to be in the space
    2. ACTION fix the facebook social plugin assigned to Nick C


  1. has been paid
  2. still waiting for the electronic binder


  1. ACTION Chesapeake needs to have a call list for Bay 13, give to Michael assigned to Jim S and/or Michael

Next Meeting

Sunday Morning Nov 3rd