20131022 - BoD Meeting

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Members Present

  • Dan
  • Jim
  • Nick
  • Paul

Old Business

  1. MOTION to waive notice
    1. Ayes: 4
  2. BOM was listed and purchased
    1. Wall looks good
  3. TABLE the flow diagram discussion
  4. Finalized the equipment loan agreement
    1. MOTION agree that it makes sense and is liked
      1. Ayes: 4

New Business


  1. Signs
    1. Should be able to use the same space as the Pax Cross fit
      1. Awaiting update from Smokey Joe's
        1. ACTION status update at next meeting assigned to Dan
    2. Put up infront of Airport View Dr
  2. Flyers
    1. Put flyers everywhere
      1. ACTION hit up members to put up Flyers everywhere assigned to Paul
        • Starbucks
        • Wawa
        • Sheets
        • Potbellies
        • Churches
        • Grocery Stores
        • High Tides
        • NEX
        • Target
        • Schools
        1. ACTION update wiki to track places assigned to Paul
        2. Marketing Flyers
  3. TPP
    1. Partnership Agreement
    2. ACTION send blurp to TTP assigned to Jim S
  4. TABLE put together our sponsorship pamphlet
    1. Get Terry Thomas to possibly help?
  5. Bob S getting us in the county times?
  6. ACTION ping SOMD news assigned to Nick C

Things to get Done

  1. get Last tarp up
  2. Making Pockets
    1. weigh them down
  3. drywall for the wall
    1. 4x8x1/2"
  4. coordinate to get the refridgerator
    1. ACTION assigned to Nick and Paul
  5. ACTION build wood table assigned to Jim
    1. ACTION mount belt/disk sander
    2. ACTION mount vices
  6. ACTION run cat5 cable
  7. ACTION setup the camera DVR and cloud
  8. ACTION RFID system assigned to Paul
  9. ACTION Mount first aid kit
  10. ACTION mount fire extinguishers
  11. ACTION mount eye wash station
  12. ACTION update the emergency sheet assigned to Paul
  13. ACTION mount the peg board
  14. 1023 completion
    1. Need nice write-ups for the events
      1. ACTION write-ups for classes/events assigned to each persons individual classes
        • Look at Dalla's for an examples
    2. Grammar check
    3. Finances
    4. Final Lookover
  15. ACTION bring in the paper-craft equipment
  16. Need 3 ring binders
  17. ACTION hang safety (laminate) information
  18. ACTION buy hearing protection
  19. TABLE storage rack system
    1. Look at a mis-match of shelves
  20. ACTION ping members about what they can bring assigned to Paul
  21. TABLE orgainze the electronics bench
  22. ACTION move the website over to the WP site assigned to Paul
  23. ACTION ping David Mileto about the projector assinged to Dan
    1. ACTION mount the projector
  24. ACTION ping the a/v guy and give an invite to the space assigned to Jim
  25. TABLE ping membership about their professions
    1. Electrician

Open Forum

  1. Want to buy tool boxes
  2. 18x18x24 box sizes
  3. ACTION ping Kossel about the 3D printer assigned to Jim
  4. ACTION ping Wayne D. about possibly using his printers to do some prints
  5. ACTION get checks assigned to Dan L
  6. ACTION talk to BCF about how the electric is going to be billed to us assigned to Jim S
  7. ACTION change all billing addresses from Jim's Address to the PO Box assigned to Jim S


  1. ACTION sit down to see how the financials can be exported assigned to Paul and Dan
  2. ACTION move over by Thursday night assigned to Paul


  1. TABLE are we staying here?
    1. Do we actively look?
  2. MOTION Do we stay?
    1. Ayes:4
      • Stipulation on looking at the end of next years lease
      • Stipulation on membership numbers and financials
  3. TABLE Nov 15th Board Meeting decision on staying or not
  4. general discussion on how prepared we are to be crammed

Next Meeting

Meeting Sunday 27th @ 1pm