20131015 - BoD Meeting

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Members Present

  • Jim
  • Nick
  • Michael
  • Paul


Go over all of the items from the last meeting.

it is essentially just the items we still "need" to do inorder to open up

Old Business

  1. MOTION waive written notice
    1. Ayes: 4

Directors Position

  1. Closed out the director position information for Michael

Layout for the space

    1. design
      • 2x4x104"
      • 1/2" drywall
      • 2 ft spacing
      • vapor barrier
      • anchor in floor
    2. ACTION get BOM for wall
    3. move the shop down towards the door
      • put in a soft wall for the shop
        • do one separator first
          • move to possibly an L design in the future
        • Plastic vs fabric
    4. swap around the spaces
    5. MOTION are we mudding
      • Nays: 3 Ayes: 2


  1. Wall first
  2. Buy tables
  3. Buy chairs
  4. Timeline
    1. This weekend finishing
  5. mount for projector
  6. hang dry erase boards
    • needs to be built out from wall
    • use wet erase markers

Membership Opinions/Voice

  1. we will poll the membership for large purchases
  2. talk to committee chairs to bring up the topics
  3. can get started with either a forum post, email or topic from a meeting
  4. put together a membership poll towards member suggestions
    • membership polls are a pledge?
      • will work out the details
        • Will tie in to the financials.
    1. try to make it hands off
  5. ACTION create a flow diagram of the polling for large purchases assigned to Dan

Poll for websites

  1. move to the new website
  2. make it full by Sunday

Communication/Announcement Scheme

  1. all current information going out over email only
  2. built in event system tied into Authorize.net
  3. use the blog system for all social communication

Prioritize The Current List

  1. remove the fire cabinet from the list for now from last meetings list

Pie in the sky Items

In addition to last meetings list

  • casting equipment
  • paint booth
  • vacuum forming
  • plastic extruder
  • injection molding
  • sheet metal shear

membership agreement form

  1. include "hold harmless" clause
  2. TABLE foreign national memberships are allowed?
  3. include membership benefits (such as classroom event hosting)
  4. paper copy

equipment loan agreement

  • finalize agreement
    • ACTION assign to Jim

Committee creation process

  1. will be created by a motion of the board
  2. Up to the committee chair for how its run
    1. chair is set by BoD
  3. Chairs get a small budget
  4. purchase orders for everything
    1. done on the website
    2. committee should be in charge of its consumables


  1. provide a way to pay for consumables
    1. will provide consumables for the electronics bench
    2. add functionality to the website to track/monitor

Open Forum

new PNC user

  1. strange email from PNC
    1. was just the user account for Paul D


  1. $1730 in the account
    1. $181 in merchant account still unsettled
  2. will establish a buffer

annoucement for Open House

  • liked by the board


  • Bob Hall sent a form but did not have all of the pages
  • owe $275.40 as down-payment
  • MOTION authorize get checks
    • Ayes: 4

Next Meeting

This Saturday October 19th.