20131001 - BoD Meeting

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Members Present

  • Dan Logan
  • Jim Shelton
  • Nick Clark
  • Paul Di Biase

Old Business

  1. MOTION Waive requirement for written notice of meeting
    1. Ayes: 4

Po Box

  1. PO Box : Jim Shelton will setup so that we have an address for mail
    1. MOTION Request a cool number (1337 for example :) )
      1. Ayes: 3

GNU Cash

  1. Created GNUCash process
    1. email/text digital receipts to the Treasurer
    2. drop off paper receipts at the space in a slotted drop-off box
      1. MOTION Approve process
        1. Ayes: 3
    3. ACTION Research GNUCash Automation assigned to Dan L

Other Actions

  1. ACTION Research collaborative purchasing orders assigned to Nick C
  2. ACTION Install wiki IFRAME capabilities for our google calendar assigned to Paul D
  3. TABLE Keys Distribution Discussion

New Business

New Lease

  1. Lease has been signed between Paxspace, Inc and BCF Solutions
    1. Awaiting signature from Wayne (property owner)
    2. Must provide alteration details to Michael once they're available
    3. ACTION Upload lease in a digital format (somewhere) assigned to Jim S
    4. MOTION Jim S's cover of the security deposit will cover his membership costs(for the amount) until Paxspace's finances improve
      1. Ayes: 4

Current Expenses

  1. Reviewed current expenses
    1. MOTION Need transaction history at meetings
      1. Ayes:4
    2. ACTION Bring transactions report to BoD meetings assigned to Dan L


  1. MOTION approve current announcement schedule
    1. Ayes: 4
  2. Need to make posters
    1. TABLE until next meeting
  3. Need to put current signs (have 2) up
    1. North of Gate 1 (next to Smokey Joes)
    2. ACTION canvas Great Mills/Rt 5 intersection/area for other placements assigned to Paul D
  4. Need to create tear offs
  5. Need to get on Community Calendar
  6. Need to get on the radio
    1. T-Bone and Heather?
  7. Need to get in local newspapers
    1. Enterprise
    2. Tester
  8. TABLE Draft cohesive announcement for all of the above marketing themes
  9. ACTION Attend the next "Strategic Roundtable" assigned to Jim S and Dan L
  10. MOTION Put Sponsors (as a rotating image) on website
    1. Ayes: 4
  11. ACTION Develop strategy for getting more sponsers assigned to Jim S and Nick C


  1. Bob Hall insurance contact
    1. Contacted NOVA labs
    2. Contacted other brokerages
    3. Rough estimate (at this time) of $140/mo
      1. TABLE Update at next meeting
  2. No Response from either BaltNode or HacDC about their insurance info


  1. Must be brought up at the founding members meeting
  2. Must accrue a current equipment list
    1. ACTION finalize everyone's equipment list donations/loans by next meeting assigned to EVERYONE
  3. Create a list of whats missing
    1. Use this list at the founding members meeting to garner their interests and wants
      1. Will allow us to get a 'timeline' of when those items can be purchased.


  1. ACTION Research storage solutions (possibly at IKEA hacks) assigned to EVERYONE
  2. TABLE storage discussion until next meeting

Physical Items

  1. Went over the current table construction designs
    1. ACTION research cost analysis between creating vs buying tables assigned to EVERYONE
  2. ACTION need to look at chair/bench construction/sourceing assigned to EVERYONE
  3. Still going to be moving in this Saturday

Different Spaces

  1. MOTION Still Canvas other spaces for the future
    1. Ayes: 4
  2. ACTION update spreadsheet to include info about our monthly commitment if the space is free assigned to Jim S
    1. Include a 'break even' number of members to make it work for both spaces
  3. TABLE discussion of other possible space contacts (i.e. J F Taylor)
  4. TABLE discussion about making Michael a director (and committee Chair of Business Incubation)


  1. MOTION No Phone Line
    1. Ayes: 4
  2. ACTION must update paxspaceinc@gmail.com google voice number assigned to Paul D
  3. MOTION look at DSL for internet
    1. NAY: 4

Open Forum

  1. Must remember the CO-WORK possibilities down the road
    1. Brought up by Nick S
  2. Have some security concerns about the RFID/Keypad access system
    1. Brought up by Jim S
  3. ACTION Attend the next SMIT meeting assigned to Jim S and Paul D

Next Meeting

Next meeting is set for October 8th @ 1700 at the Space