20130924 - BoD Meeting

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  • Dan Logan
  • Jim Shelton
  • Nick Clark
  • Paul Di Biase


  • Motion to waive written notice
    • Ayes: 4
  • NDA/Lease Overview
    • HVAC( BCF preferred)
    • Metrocast needed
    • Details of the Service Agreement haven't been set
    • Electricity (pass through preferred)
  • Went over the remaining insurance questions
  • Merchant Account has been activated
  • Charges/Expenses incurred so far
    • $150.00 Club Express
    • $10.00 (reason?)
    • misc < $1.00 amounts for account verification
    • $36.00 meetup account
  • Need to still setup and get GNUCash Running
  • Need a PO Box
    • Motion to get one at San Souci Plaza Post Office
      • Ayes: 4
  • Need to setup the wiki domain name
  • Initial Space Setup
    • Agreed on initial layout
    • Need carpets (area rugs?)
    • Going to use plastic as a space divider
  • Need to get clarification about initial key access for members (do we need to get Building Owner to create keys or can the Quartermaster do it?
  • need more information about the available power at the door for our RFID system.
  • update the wiki about the more specific membership types, namely:
    • Visitors
    • Guests ($10 per access?)
  • Items still needed to purchase
    • Security System (min 4 cameras)
    • RFID cards/key chains
    • order keypad for 2 part authentication
  • Setup a basic G+ calendar for keeping track of PaxSpace non-space events
  • Motion to set Tuesdays as the day in the week to hold meetings
    • Ayes: 4



Next Meeting

2013-10-01 - Tuesday - 1700 (Hopefully at the Space)